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Data Elements

This page breaks down information collected by Social Cascade, the specific data elements we collect, and the purpose served by each data element.

People interact with and use Social Cascade in two main ways:

  • via our website;

  • via our Platform.

Each of these elements are part of Social Cascade, and can be used independently of one another.


Data Elements


On the web site, Names are provided by users and Content Providers. In some cases, organizations who have a subscription can share staff member names who work at the organization. Name is used to identify each user within their account.



On the web site, the Organization Name, Address, and Web Site URL are provided by users and Content Providers. Users control the public display over such information within the Platform and on external landing pages, such as the Healthcare Provider social landing page.

Telephone number

On the web site, Telephone numbers may be collected for meeting requests and payment processing. 


Email address

On the web site, email addresses are collected from users and Content Providers. The email addresses are used to allow people to log in, and to reset their password. People can also receive email notifications, request feedback, share a review, or initiate other interactions on the site.



Users and Content Providers have the option of adding a photo to their profile. The pictures are displayed on the web site as part of their profile, and if a user chooses to share a picture, the contents of the picture are at the discretion of the user ( offensive images are not allowed).


For organizations and message stream descriptions, Content Providers can add stream or company logos. 


Organization Information

Users and Content Providers are asked to identify their organization and their job title. This information is used to complete user profiles. 


IP Address

When a person visits the web site, we automatically collect their IP address. In most cases, this IP address is the external (public) IP address of the network they use to connect to the internet. For more information on IP addresses, see


Because IP addresses provide part of the foundation that allows the internet to work, it's hard not to collect them in some form; virtually every web site, browser extension, connected device, and mobile app collects IP addresses. We limit how we use IP addresses to the following general ways:

  • to diagnose and troubleshoot bugs or other issues with our web site;

  • to detect potential fraud or attacks against our web site;

  • other security and technical maintenance;

  • to get general usage patterns across a geographic area (ie, create aggregate reports about people accessing the platform from a specific state, or a county within a state).


We do not use IP addresses to provide more detailed location information.


General device information

When a person visits the web site, their web browser sends general information about the type of machine they are using, their web browser, their operating system, and other general details. We use this information in two ways: first, to make sure that we understand and design for the hardware and software our visitors are using; and second, if and when it is relevant for troubleshooting and diagnosing technical issues.

We do not attempt to connect general device information with individual users.

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