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How do my patients get the information? What do they see?

It’s simple! All your patients have to do is follow your clinic on Instagram and/or Facebook. Once they do, your selected content will show up as posts on your clinic’s Instagram and/or Facebook account just like any other person/organization they follow. 


Where does the content come from? How do I know I can trust it?

Social Cascade does not author content; your network of healthcare and public health professionals do. Content is sourced from reputable national, state, and local organizations. These include prominent groups such as the CDC and Vroom, but also community health organizations in your own community. Our partners represent expertise from across social determinants of health to help support your patients in all aspects of their parenting journey. Read more about how we select, vet, and onboard our content partners here. 


Do I get to approve content before it goes out?

Of course! And we make it easy. Every week, we’ll send you a digest that includes the schedule for the week. From there you can delete any posts you don’t want going out. Alternatively, you can log in to your Social Cascade account at any time and view/modify your current schedule.


What if I want to post my own content too?

You maintain complete ownership over your social accounts. We’re just here to help you make it happen. At any time, you can post your own content or clinic updates just like you always would–even if a post from our platform is going out on the same day. 

Is this going to add more to my plate? I don’t have time as it is!

Not at all! This is a “set it and forget it” solution. All we ask is that you actively encourage patients to follow you on social media. After you sign up, we’ll mail you signs and posters to display around your clinic, but simply asking patients in the exam room to follow you is the most effective! Let’s be honest, they probably have their phone handy. 

How will I know it’s effective?

In your Social Cascade account, we provide impact analytics detailing how well your integration is working. This tool will give you insight into how many patients are following you, what topics they seem to respond to the most, and how many patients you’re reaching with each post. Whether you’re a social media fan or not, it’s hard to argue with numbers!


Is Social Cascade HIPPA Compliant?

We do not collect any personally identifiable information about your patients. Read more about our privacy policy here.

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