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Trusted content. Collective voices. Amplified messages.

Social Cascade is a software solution, not a content provider. Instead, we curate content from leading, reputable organizations so busy health professionals have the resources they need to support their patient education efforts. Your subscription provides access to a growing list of information providers including:

Content Review Process

At Social Cascade, we value trust, accuracy, and representation and seek content partners that reflect these values as well as the needs of the communities we support. Our Content Review Board holds strict quality standards and is not influenced by any company, PR firm or advertiser. 

Our Content Review Board, a team of medical, child development, and public health professionals, is charged with sustaining the trusted relationship of the medical home. The Content Review Board vets each content partner for accuracy, bias, diversity & inclusion, and reputation. The Board also ensures content is purely informational and does not promote, advertise, or endorse a product or service.

For your convenience, the editorial guidelines and statements provided by each content provider are displayed in the Social Cascade platform. Before deciding to subscribe to a stream, please review each content provider’s policies to ensure alignment to the standards of your organization.

We understand the content provided through our solution has a direct impact on the patients that choose to follow your account(s); therefore, we tirelessly work to maintain quality standards. If you feel a piece of content or content provider is in violation of this policy, please contact us.

Editorial Disclaimer

All Social Cascade users are given the option to display an Editorial Disclaimer in the caption of each post. Editorial Disclaimers are completely optional and are used at the discretion of the account owner. Sample Editorial Disclaimers include: “These resources are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please do not share medical information on this platform. Contact us with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or content you see here.

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