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A Better Way to Do Patient Education

Close the gap between visits & reach every patient every day.

Daily Patient Connection

Right where they are searching for answers

Super Fast Set Up

Connect your accounts in less than 60 seconds

Intelligent Content Scheduling

Content adapts to what your followers are most interested in

Auto Scheduled Posting

You choose the content streams, we do the rest

Weekly Content Digest

Know exactly what is going out and when, while maintaining full control of what is posted

Content You Can Trust

Choose from streams of relevant and reliable content from local & national organizations

Dashboard Analytics

Review engagement data and trending topics for deeper understanding

At-a-glance Post Calendar

Quickly reference content and timing of what’s being posted on your accounts

Team Collaboration Functionality

Work seamlessly across multiple users and locations

Personalized Content by Clinic Location

Serve the needs of each of your clinics with precisely selected content for that location

3+ Years of Available Content

Eliminate content creation burnout 

Connect and Grow Existing Accounts

Work directly from accounts that you’ve already established

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