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Content Partner Spotlight: Parenting Translator

Bridging the Gap Between Research and Parenting

Parenting Translator is a platform that translates scientific research into practical advice for parents. Founded by Dr. Cara Goodwin, a licensed psychologist and mother, this organization aims to make evidence-based parenting accessible and understandable.

Social Cascade partner Parenting Translator

Making Science Practical

Parenting Translator simplifies complex research into actionable insights on child development, behavior, mental health, and education. Their user-friendly resources, including topic specific downloads, provide parents with reliable information they can easily apply to everyday challenges.

Expert-Driven and Impactful

Parenting Translator ensures accuracy and trustworthiness in all its content. By making scientific research accessible, the organization empowers parents to support their children's development effectively, fostering healthy growth and strong family bonds.

For more information, visit Parenting Translator's website and see how the organization is revolutionizing the way parents access and use scientific research. You can also follow them on Instagram at @parentingtranslator.

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