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Content Partner Spotlight: Welcome Baby

Special Interest for Durham, NC area practitioners!

Welcome Baby is dedicated to providing essential support and resources to new and expecting families. Through services like parenting classes, breastfeeding support, car seat safety and a children's clothing closet, they ensure parents have access to resources they need during the early stages of their child's development.

welcome baby and social cascade

Community Collaboration

Partnering with local hospitals, clinics, and social service agencies, Welcome Baby creates a strong network of support. This collaborative approach gives families access to the care and resources available in their community including programs like Cribs for Kids and the Giving Closet.

Empowering Through Education

Welcome Baby focuses on education, equipping parents with knowledge and skills to foster healthy child development. Through parenting classes, home visits, workshops, and educational materials, they empower parents to confidently navigate parenthood.

Positive Outcomes

Families involved with Welcome Baby programs report increased confidence in their parenting, improved child health outcomes, and stronger community connections. By providing critical early support, Welcome Baby helps set the foundation for long-term family well-being.

If you are a current Social Cascade subscriber and are local to Durham, NC, this content is already available in your Streams. For more information about the organization, visit Welcome Baby's website to learn how they are making a difference in the lives of families. You can also follow them on Facebook at @welcomebabydurham and on Instagram at @welcomebabydurham.

If you know of a regional organization (anywhere in the United States) that you'd love to see as a Social Cascade content partner, contact us. Our Health Media team will contact the organization to see we can help amplify their content locally.

Interested in sharing this type of content with patients and caregivers? Reach out to us to find out more about Social Cascade - or dive in now and start a 30-day free trial!



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