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Meet Social Cascade: Your tool to support every patient, their way, every day

Patients deserve to have the right information at the right time and from the right source. See how healthcare providers can use Social Cascade to keep patients aware of what’s going on–and what’s going around–in their community.

For the first time, you can meet patients on the social media platforms they’re using daily to search for health-related information; and you don’t need a social marketing background or team to do it. 

That’s the power of Social Cascade. We are the only AI-powered platform built specifically for healthcare, delivering the most effective strategies for patient engagement. Healthcare providers use Social Cascade as an effortless way to engage in timely, proactive communication that keeps patients aware of what’s going on–and what’s going around–in their community. 

How does the Social Cascade tool work exactly?

  • We partner with leading national and local community health organizations already creating reliable, trustworthy patient content. 

  • We take all the content those organizations publish and input it into our tool. 

  • We add the content and let the tool work its magic! Our patent-pending AI engine then evaluates, tags, and organizes every piece of curated content into our proprietary repository. 

  • Now, with trusted content accessible from one system, providers can easily subscribe to the organizations they know and trust. Social Cascade takes over publishing daily content that outsmarts the algorithms and reaches your patients with the most relevant and reliable news. 

We give providers an effortless way to educate and connect with patients on social media:

  • Provide timely medical information in small doses regularly.

  • Use the strength of the health community to share trusted content. 

  • Combat misinformation by providing dependable information where patients are already looking for answers.

  • Create an active, customized social presence in less than 20 minutes. 

Let us help you close the gap between office visits and stay connected with patients throughout the year. Dive right in and get started today with a free trial. Or get in touch with us through our contact page or email us at



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