Streams of information.
One trusted voice.


How It Works

The Cascade Engine™️ combines streams of information and engagement data to deliver the best nudges at the right time.

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Why Choose Social Cascade


Connect with Parents & Caregivers

Meet parents and caregivers where they are and when they are ready right in their social media feeds. The  Cascade Engine schedules social media posts on your behalf all while preserving your ownership and autonomy over the channel.

Amplify Evidence-based Voices

Our Cascade Engine™ is designed to amplify organizations that care by serving their content to influential voices in the community such as pediatric providers, social workers, educators, and religious leaders. The Engine intelligently curates streams of content for each trusted voice.

Smart Nudges

Behavior change starts with a nudge from a trusted voice at just the right time. Social Cascade helps amplify that trusted voice in their community to promote health, well-being, and positive outcomes.


Our mission to create positive change in every community drives the work we do every day. We are an award-winning team of parents, scientists, researchers, technologists, and thought leaders motivated to build solutions that are economically efficient, scale, and produce a positive impact.

The Cascade Solution

Critical Information

Deliver relevant, timely information for family health and well being

Validated Content

Curate carefully sourced content from reputable sources verified by a review board

Trusted Voice

Leverage the trusted voice of the provider through a single, always-on channel

Today's Parents & Caregivers

Meet today's parents and caregivers where they are: social media



What stage is Social Cascade in?

Currently, we have validated our product promise and are now building the platform.

When will Social Cascade be available?

We expect to launch in summer 2022. If you are interested in piloting or beta testing please let us know through the form below.

Who is Social Cascade for?

Any influential leader in their community. We think of trusted voices like pediatric providers, social workers, educators, and religious leaders and the value of extending their connection with the community beyond infrequent, in--person interactions.

What content can be found in streams?

Content is focused on information for parents and caregivers and is vetted by the Social Cascade Content Validity Committee.

Where is Social Cascade?

Social Cascade is a North Carolina Company. We are headquartered in Raleigh, NC. Currently, our entire team is also based in NC.

Is Social Cascade hiring?

We do not have any open roles at this time, but use the form below to let us know you are interested!

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