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Close the gap between office visits and reach every patient every day.

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A better way to do patient education

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Connect with more patients, more often

Close the gap between visits by offering relevant content to your patients every day.


Lean on your community

Use the strength of collective voices across the health community to share trusted content.


Combat misinformation

Ensure your families see your messages, not misinformation. Show up in the place where more than half of your patients are looking for answers - social media platforms.


Minimum effort, maximum impact

In less than 60 seconds, create an active social presence that's customized for your patients and their families.

What People Say

Young Doctor

Dr. H

Social Cascade provides a much needed channel for patient engagement that gives me a way to connect with my patients every day.

Pink Uniform Doctor

Dr. T

Pediatricians serving patients in communities of which they are not a part must be careful about public health messaging so as to not come across patronizing, uninformed, or irrelevant.

Blond Doctor

Dr. K

It is almost impossible to practice good medicine in 15 minutes, so we need more ways of connecting with patients outside of the office.

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