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Content Partner Spotlight: Eat Smart Move More

Eat Smart, Move More North Carolina (ESMMNC) is dedicated to promoting healthy eating and physical activity across the state. This collaborative organization brings together public and private partners to address the obesity epidemic and support wellness initiatives.

Social Cascade and Eat Smart Move More NC


The ESMMNC website offers a range of resources, including recipes, activity ideas, and educational materials. They also provide community grants and technical assistance to support health initiatives.

Community Impact

ESMMNC’s programs have helped many individuals and communities achieve better health outcomes. Participants share success stories of weight loss, improved disease management, and the creation of healthier environments.

If you are a current Social Cascade subscriber in North Carolina, this content is already available in your Streams. To learn more about ESMMNC’s programs and access their resources, visit You can also follow them on Facebook at @eatsmartmovemoreNC and on Instagram at @eatsmartmovemorenc.

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