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How Social Cascade uses AI and how we don't

Social Cascade is not your average AI-powered social media management tool. See the many ways Social Cascade differs from the others. 

Have you heard of generative AI? If not, it’s probably getting lonely under that rock. 

Generative AI is used to identify patterns and structures within existing data to create new, original content. And that content, well, it can be anything from text to video to images. Today, generative AI is being used in everything from copywriting to game development. In healthcare, it’s being used to improve operational processes and decrease the administrative load that often takes valuable time away from healthcare providers. 

The boom of generative AI and the accessible applications surrounding it have created quite the flurry of AI solutions. Like so many other product taglines today, Social Cascade is an AI-powered platform. However, we’re very different from every other tool on the market today in some significant ways. Social Cascade is the only-AI powered platform built specifically for healthcare, delivering the most effective strategies for patient engagement. 

Before you start thinking about how Social Cascade can help your healthcare practice, we want to ensure you understand how we use AI—and, equally important, how we are not. 

How we use AI to power Social Cascade 

  • AI is the tech behind our social media content scheduling system. Instead of content fit for a generic audience, we consult many data sources and generate a content calendar that works for your local patient population. Our patent-pending algorithm also sets a content calendar that aligns with seasonal topics patients care about and responds to current events (e.g., a rise in local RSV cases, or where to find meals when school is out).

  • AI is how we filter social content. Although we subscribe to a rigorous editorial process, we understand that the content you choose to share may require specific guidelines, needs, or standards. That’s why we use AI to apply additional filters to the content within our tool for attributes such as political risk, tonality, ICD-10 codes, and more. This means that if you have priorities in your practice for combating childhood obesity or mental health, you can prioritize content that speaks directly to those topics.

  • AI is how we gather insights. We deploy machine learning techniques to understand your patient population better. To do this, we analyze engagement data (e.g., likes, comments, and shares) to discover patient questions, misconceptions, and topics of interest.

  • AI is used to analyze the performance of each social media post.  We use an extensive rubric and ingest this data back into the system to understand how your content performs. This way, we can prioritize the posts that resonate most with your patients. From imagery to topics of interest to content sources, our algorithm helps you achieve social media engagement rates well above industry standards.

How we are not using generative AI 

The accessibility of AI today makes it easier than ever to spin up innovative solutions. However, there are notable downsides that we cannot overlook. First, if you are only using AI to generate content then you are going to risk disseminating misinformation, and the risk of doing so is too high for healthcare providers. Also, just because you can build something new with AI doesn’t mean it’s a quality innovation; more importantly, it doesn’t mean the innovation is trustworthy or ethical. This is why Social Cascade is deliberate in our methodologies and why we take a hard stance against using AI to generate content. 

Healthcare providers are the community’s most trusted and reliable sources of information. And if your community relies on you for sound medical information, then you need to be able to trust that the content you're sharing has been vetted by licensed colleagues and experts in their field. That’s why we only use AI to summarize and generate posts from trusted sources. AI is never used as the primary source for content we deliver on behalf of healthcare providers. Our in-house Health Media team does all of that work for you by establishing national and local partnerships with the most reputable healthcare organizations. 

Here's a fun fact: Social Cascade founders built AI solutions before Apple ever had an App Store! 

Okay, that “fun fact” reveals our age, but it also tells you that we’ve been creating AI solutions before AI was cool. Back when companies were rushing to build a mobile app to be added to Apple’s new and flashy App Store, our very own founders Lucy and Scott were busy building AI models and deploying machine learning techniques while pursuing PhDs in AI at North Carolina State University (go Wolfpack!). With more than a decade of experience building applications of AI at scale, Social Cascade knows how to integrate AI with fidelity ethically.

So, if you are tired of managing social media on your own and ready to revolutionize the way you connect with your patients, it’s time that we talk! Go ahead and schedule a time to meet our team or start your free trial today. 



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